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Domino server redundancy, and how to reduce spam

Hi, Mike. I have a couple of questions.

  1. I have two separate Domino servers (4.6) that support 5.0.10 clients. One server on occasion will act up and crash, leaving those folks that are served by it without e-mail until I can get it back up and running. My question is: What would be the best way to set up the two servers so that they would be redundant to each other? In other words, if one crashes the end user would be able to access the second server to use their e-mail. Would it be as easy as setting up replication and to replicate at night when there is a low amount of usage?

  2. What can I do if a user is receiving spam?
For question 1, you would need to run Domino clustering. First, I would get off of 4.6 and onto 5.0.12 or 6.0.2 CF1. Second, there are licensing concerns with clustering, so you should check with your IBM rep to see if you have the proper license for clustering.

For question 2, either buy some filtering software (after you upgrade to R5 or D6) or use D6 mail rules and DNSBLs.

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