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Domino setup questions

I'm a freshman Administrator and I don't know much about the Domino mail system. I just inherited a Domino running on Windows 2000 server. Right now, it only serves local mail and calendar for 40 people. I just brought in a T1 and had my Check Point Firewall configured and I want to setup Domino to have the Internet mail function too. This server is a multi-function server; beside Mail, it also serves as local DNS, DHCP, Files and Print service. Here are my questions: 1- should I configure this server to be a SMTP and POP3 server and put it in the DMZ or is it OK to leave it in the local network as it is right now?

2- Should I buy another Server and move Domino to this new box and put it in DMZ?

3- Should I buy another Domino server and set it up as a SMTP and POP3 server in DMZ? If I do this, what would the Local Mail database and the Internet mail database be?

Would you please tell me what the typical setup is and what's your recommendation?

Buy another server. Never, ever, put your productional DNS, DHCP, file, print, etc. server out there. You are just asking for trouble. I would separate your services. Take Domino off of your current server and put Domino only on the new one in the DMZ. You can open up the DMZ server to NRPC, SMTP, and POP clients, if you wish, and lock down everything else. Make sure you aren?t an open relay via the configuration document settings, and you should be OK. You may want to bring in an experienced consultant to assist you with this setup.

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