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Dynamically add comments in form

I am looking for a formula on how to dynamically add "comments" in my form. These comments will be added sequentially just underneath the comments that are already there. It's some sort of communication with the users where they can see their comments from the original to the latest.
You can use a formula like this in your Submit or Save button whenever you would like to add comments:
tNewComment := @Prompt([
OkCancelEdit]; "Comments"; 
"Please enter your 
comments:"; "");
FIELD Comments := @If(Comments = 
""; tNewComment; Comments : tNewComment);

If you would like to include the date, time and the user name with each comment, you can use this version of the formula:

tUserAndDate := @Text(@Now) + " " 
+ @Name([CN]; @UserName) + ": ";
tNewComment := tUserAndDate + @Prompt
([OkCancelEdit]; "Comments";
 "Please enter your comments:"; "");
FIELD Comments := @If(Comments = "";
 tNewComment; Comments : tNewComment);

For either of these to work, you will need to create a multi-valued Text field named Comments. Make it a computed field with Comments as the value. Set it to display separate values with New Line.

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