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ERP to Notes via ODBC

I have an agent that extracts data from our ERP system into Notes via ODBC. The agent used to run on a schedule on the server with no problem. Recently, I was not able to get the agent running on the server through scheduling. I can still run it from the Action menu, but if I schedule it I get the following error:

"ODBC General Error: LS:DO- ODBC could not complete the requested operation., Exiting".

Without seeing the code or knowing anything about the environment, I can only offer a few suggestions for items to check:
  • Confirm that the target tables/views that you are accessing still exist and have the same structure that you are expecting.

  • Confirm that the user ID and password you're sending still have rights to the tables/views that you are accessing (have a DB Admin check it outside of Notes).

  • Confirm that the ODBC connection is still configured properly (if possible, test it from another application).

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