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ERROR 208 shows when attempting to create Word object

I've got the following situation:
In a WebQuerySaveAgent I'm trying to create a Word document and attach it to an email. When I try to create a Word object, I get the following error:
ERROR 208 in SendMailToManager, line 46: Cannot create automation object

I've created several times such code to create a Word document or excel, but never in the background. When I run the agent manually on my PC, it works.

I've read that the problem could be that Domino runs as a service and not as a normal application.

I've also given the signer of the agent the rights to run Java/COM agents in the serverdocument.

Without seeing the exact environment, my first guess is that you don't have Word installed on the server (which is normal), hence, the Word objects are not available to your code. It works locally because you have Word installed on your local PC.

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