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Encrypted mail in shared mail folders

Someone who uses the "Shared Mail Folders" in Lotus Notes should be able to share some mails from the personal mail databases with other users. The archiving functionality seemed to be a solution for this. But what if the mail is encrypted? How can encrypted mails be handled? Are there other ways to share mails?

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There are two kinds of shared mail in Notes: server-based shared object store, and shared folders in a personal mail file. You should not use the first -- it has lots of problems. I suspect you are referring to the second. Any documents you put into a shared folder can be read by someone else, if that person has access rights to your mail file in the database Access Control List. If the mail is encrypted, someone else cannot read it, unless they happen to hold the same encryption key.


How would I share my regular mail encryption/decryption key with someone else? We have one mail ID that is for an entire team and we share it with everyone having manager ACL.

—Richard R.


You have only one Notes mail ID for the entire team? And everyone shares it, with Manager access? This does not sound like a good idea. I suggest giving each person his/her own mail account/ID. As for sharing the keys, there should not be a problem. If everyone is using the same ID, they all have the same keys within that ID.

Chuck Connell

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