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Error: Cannotstore document; database has too many unique field names

I am trying to convert R4.5 database (extension .NS4 to NSF) to R5. When I try to make a new copy of that database I get the error listed below. Please help me to correct this problem.

"Cannotstore document; database has too many unique field names. Please ask your administrator to copact the database."

I did compact the database. But, it did not solve the problem. The error message persists. Thanks!
There are a few technotes that deal with this issue and may be helpful. The condition is due to the number of field with distinct names in the database.

In versions prior to 5.0.2, the error can occur when a database reaches its 65,000-entry UNK table limit, using the R5 ODS (On Disk Structure), and the database is full text indexed. To avoid the issue, remove the full text index, compact the database, and then rebuild the full text index.

If this doesn't work, you may need to reduce the number of unique field identifiers. See for more information. This document also links to four other TechNOtes that may help you out.

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