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Error: 'Database is corrupt -- Cannot allocate space'

I have many mail databases that show this message when I try to open: "Database is corrupt -- Cannot allocate space."

I tried fixup -C -J, updall -R and compact, but nothing worked. I would like to know if there is any other way to resolve this problem, or if you know where I can find the specific structure of the NSF files. Can you tell me please, for example, the offset where documents start, tags and headers?
First, check that the mail files are not exceeding their size limits. If they are, they will not be allowed to accept more mail or build updated indexes.

If the size limit is not exceeded, try compacting the desktop file of the user getting the error.

If none of the suggestions have worked, try funning Fixup –C –i on the database in question.

Without any details on your architecture and any recent changes to your Domino environment, if these suggestions don't help, I suggest you open a support call with Lotus.

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