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Error creating product object

A Lotus Domino developer is receiving the error, "Error creating product object" when trying to connect to a DB2 table using an LCLSX agent. SearchDomino.com expert Brad Balassaitis explains how to track down the source of the error.

I created an agent using Lotus Connectors LotusScript Extension (LCLSX) to connect to a DB2 table. I am receiving this error:

"Error creating product object" on the line Set src = New LCConnection ("db2").

I do not reference to the uidoc during the code. Do you have any ideas?

Domino Designer's Help simply says to record the error and contact IBM Lotus. However, there is a separate Help document that shows how to get a more detailed message from the LSX session, so try this in your error handler to get more information:

Without the session object and subsequent test in the error handler, failure while creating a connection to DB2 generates the LotusScript message, "Error creating product object". However, for the same error condition, the LSX reports "Error: Cannot load LSX library 'db2'."

    If (Session.Status <> LCSUCCESS) Then
        Messagebox Session.GetStatusText, 0, 
"The following Lotus Connector error has occurred"
        Messagebox Error$, 0, 
"The following LotusScript error has occurred"
    End If
End Sub


This is not an uncommon problem. It means that the interface to DB2 cannot be loaded. The usual cause of this is that the machine doesn't have a DB2 client installed. Less commonly, it's possibly that the DB2 client is installed, but the Path statement is wrong, so the DB2 DLLs cannot be loaded.

The way out of this is to re-install the DB2 client and make it correct. Use the DB2 client functionality to connect to a DB2 server -- which you will need to do to catalog the DB2 database to be used or you'll get an error when you try to connect to it. The very act of cataloging it shows the DB2 client is installed; if at the end of cataloging a database you can test-connect to it, the client works.

Also, remember that if the code that connects to DB2 runs on the Lotus Notes client, you need a DB2 client installed on every Lotus Notes client machine. It's better to try to design the application so that it only needs DB2 connection from the Domino server, if possible.

—Mick M.

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