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Error full text indexing

Hi, We are getting this error "..Error Full Text Indexing FILENAME: Message Queue Is Full" >From tech note #: 158723 (on about "Periodic Full Text Indexing" this issue "..was reported to Lotus Quality Engineering in the form of an enhancement request to increase the queue size limit to greater than 500.." What is the number 500 refering to?? Is it talking about the user's mailfile or somewhere on the server?? As a workaround, this same technote suggests loading another Indexer task on the server. How can this affect server performance?? or is this something that Lotus really recommend doing??

Thanks for your help!
This error normally refers to the situation where you have so many mail files trying to update their full text indexes that the queue for the indexer fills up. Note that in 4.6 the task that took care of FTI was also in charge of scheduling/running agents, and that was Chronos. In R5, Chronos is devoted to FTI. Perhaps everyone set the FTI on their mail files to update "Immediately". That would cause a perpetual backup and the server would never be able to catch up. I suggest updating FTI once a day. That should be plenty. If your server is not taxed heavily now, you could try loading an extra instance of Chronos. However, I have seen bad things happen when two instances of Chronos try to grab the same file. It could lead to corruption and/or server crashes.

Good luck!

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