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Error locating an entry for Domino certifier

Michael, I have created different Notes certifier depending on the organizational units. For one certifier alone in the server console an error "Error locating an entry for Domino certifier" appears. I am not able to recertify those users again. In the certification log an error is recorded as "The selected certifier is not an ancestor of the entity to be updated." We are using Domino server 6.5.1.
It sounds as if you have two issues:
1) Your certifier doesn't seem to be in the certlog.nsf.
2) Your certificate doesn't seem to be in the certificates view of the Domino directory.

I am not sure if you can rectify this situation. The only possible solution I can come up with is to reissue the certifier. However, recreating the certifier will prevent you from recertifying the users under the existing certificate. Most likely, you will have to completely recreate/recertify those users.

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