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Error restoring an NSF archive file: 'File truncated - file may have been damaged' expert Chuck Connell helps a Lotus Domino administrator troubleshoot a "File truncated – file may have been damaged" error when attempting to restore an archived NSF file.


I get an error when I open a newly restored "a_username.nsf" archive file.

Users are roaming. The client is Domino R5.0.7. The Domino servers are in a different department and are not under our control. The user files are on a single NetWare server not running Domino. This is where the archived NSFs are located and backed up from.

When performing a restore of one of these NSF files, and a user attempts to open the archive, this error is displayed: "File truncated -- file may have been damaged."

A note on the backup process: I have many jobs to select from, and I have tested other files from these jobs without problems with the same server, job, tape and file structure.

I tested my small archive, and that file gives the same error after it has been restored. I can create a new archive file.

Do you have any information that might steer me in the right?

Hmmm.... when you say "The user files are on a single NetWare server not running Domino," do you mean that the server's active NSF files (Lotus Notes databases) are stored on a separate NetWare server? If so, this is not a good setup. The Lotus Domino server should have all its files on local disks. I do not know exactly what is going wrong with your restore, but I would first make sure your overall architecture is correct.


I think Chuck jumped right to the conclusion that the user's actual active mail file is located on the Netware server. It sounds to me like the user is archiving to local disk; which in this case, is a Netware file share/drive. The Domino server is not in the picture for this issue.
—Bob H.

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