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Error using LEI 6 with Domino 6.02 server

We are using LEI 6 with a Domino 6.02 server. A direct transfer activity calls another direct transfer activity that then calls a scripted activity. Both direct transfer activities use a connection to Oracle to retrieve data. The scripted activity is in LotusScript, and manipulates the Oracle data for use in a Notes Web application. All three activities complete in about three minutes. This set of activities is scheduled to run every 10 minutes. They run successfully for a few days, and then this error occurs: LEI: Error 'Internal control store manager error - incorrect API argument structure' returned while polling for the next activity.

The direct activities continue to run successfully, but the scripted activity does not, and the LEI session log file is no longer generated. Do you have any ideas?

I have a customer that experienced a very similar problem. The LEI Admin database and or the LEI Log database are probably getting corrupted by something that happens within the LC-LSX's API -- i.e., something that is out of your control. The Domino and LEI servers must be in sync, so make sure you are running Domino 6.0.2 CF2 and LEI 6.0.2 CF2. If you are not, then you need to upgrade both. Make absolutely sure that you reinstall LEI after you upgrade Domino -- ALWAYS. This is critical, because Domino's libraries used by DECS will overwrite some of the LEI libraries with the same file names. Lotus Support can provide you with the appropriate build numbers for each server.


I also had this problem with LEI 6.5.1, and raised a PMR with IBM. I had the same scenario -- scripted activity to Oracle running every few minutes. It appeared not to be corruption in LEI, but actually a fault, in that LEI seemed to need time to recover after scripted activities, and if not given this time started this behavior after sometimes quite a short period.

The better news is that it seems to be fixed in LEI 6.5.2, which as you say, requires both Domino and LEI to be upgraded to 6.5.2. At least I can run scripted activities repeated every minute with 6.5.2. without getting an error after days or even weeks of running smoothly. LEI 6.5.2 also deals with some memory leak issues and is generally more reliable than 6.5.1. If users have no good reason to stay with the Domino/LEI version they have, then I fully recommend the 6.5.2 upgrade.

—Mick M.

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