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Error with @DBLookUp command: 'Entry not found in index'

I encountered an error when I used the @DBLookup command. My database is like an address book; it is for Web use and I'm going to view my form using Internet Explorer. My form function is to retrieve the mail file data based on the user's name. The first field in my form is used to retrieve the username and the second one, mailbox, is to retrieve the mail file information in the view "byUsername," which consists of two columns, Fullname and Mailfile.

The error I encountered reads, "Entry not found in Index." Only two entries were working properly, mine and my boss' name.

The syntax I used to retrieved the info are:

field CurrentUser:=@Name([CN];@username);

field Mailbox:=@dblookup("notes":

Can you please help me?

For clarity, I would use "" in place of the @Dbname in the mailbox formula. If your database is truly like an address book, then the Full name field may be multi-valued. Your view should have the first column, Full name, categorized so that each entry in the Full name field can be located and does not run together.

If this isn't the issue, check the view and see what is different about the two entries that do work from those that do not.

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