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Export email messages to HTML text files with EML extension

How can it get the code that is being performed when you select:
  1. Open the e-mail document.
  2. From the menu select View, Show, Page Source.

I need to get the same data in the same format, with the help of LotusScript, and then place it into the file with *.EML extension so that I can open it into Outlook Express.

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So you want to export e-mail messages to HTML text files with the EML extension? This is quite easy to do with LotusScript. Just open the message document, cycle through all the fields (or selected fields), and write them to a text file. This is standard script coding. For messages that originated as HTML, you will find some body fields that contain the HTML code.


Maybe it isn't an Ask the Expert question but I think the original question is a legitimate one -- maybe an Agent/Formula tip may be more appropriate.

Basically, the question -- was what code is Lotus running when you do the "Show | Page Source"? -- was posed so ther person would not have to write his own code. (Gary Roberts did in his tip Get all e-mail headers using LotusScript, which performs a similar, but not the same, function -- the headers aren't kept intact and multiple headers are lost without modifying the message).

I would suspect the underlying need for the original A.T.E. question may be to report spam. You need to be able to easily forward a message with the SMTP headers intact to a "robot" or human for processing. In Outlook/OE and most other mail packages, it is quite simple to forward the message as an attachment. Lotus, for some reason, doesn't make this easy.

Today a user can do a "View | Show | Page Source", export that, create a new memo and attach that document. If you can access the "Page Source" view in Formula language, it may be simple to create a Smart icon to perform this, but I don't see that code exposed anywhere.

—Adrian C.

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