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Exporting Lotus Notes data to Excel

We maintain an incident log of computer problems. Each record is on date/time. There is one long description field. Each week I export the previous week's data to Excel to print as a management report. If I export as csv, the long description is truncated when it exceeds a certain length, and sometimes the gridlines cut the top or bottom text in cells. Neither occurs when I export as .wks but at the end of each cell I get a non printable character rectangle which does indeed print. This can be removed with Excel's CLEAN function, but I have not worked out how to use this function on an entire worksheet. Have you any suggestions on the export that may assist.
I tried this out myself and had the same problem exporting to the Lotus 1-2-3 format. I also found the solution. Make sure to specify the filename when exporting to 1-2-3 format including the extension .wk4. I found the solution using http://www.support.lotus.com . Try searching for 802564910029BEB5.

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