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Exporting Notes view into new *.csv file

I need to know how to export a Lotus Notes view into a new *.csv file, using an agent in LotusScript, @formulas or Java. Can you help me?
Sub Initialize 
        Dim session As New NotesSession 
        Dim db As NotesDatabase 
        Dim view As NotesView 
        Dim doc As NotesDocument, docNext 
As NotesDocument 
        Set db = session.CurrentDatabase 
        Set view = db.GetView("some view") 
        Dim fn As Integer 
        fn = FreeFile( ) 
' at this point open your file using file number fn. 
        Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument( ) 
        Do Until doc Is Nothing 
                Set docNext = view.GetNextDocument(doc) 
                Print #fn, Quote(doc.Name(0)) & "," & doc.Salary(0) 
& "," & Format(doc.HireDate(0), "yyyymmdd") 
                Delete doc 
                Set doc = docNext 
        Close fn 
End Sub 

Function Quote(Byval strSrc As String) As String 
        Quote = |"| + Join(Split(strSrc, {"}), {""}) + |"| 
End Function 

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