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Exporting documents from Lotus to Excel

How do I export all information or records or documents from Lotus Notes to Excel?
The most common way, although quite painful, to export Notes documents to MS Excel is by exporting from a Notes View. Start by creating a Notes View that contains all the documents (via the Selection Formula) and fields (as columns) that you would like to export. Once the View is ready you can use the File-Export option. This is where it gets even uglier...you now have to play around with the different options available. Unfortunately, Lotus still (i.e., in ND6) only offers Lotus 1-2-3, Structured and Tabular Text as export file formats. Depending on the number of documents in your View the choices are further limited.

There are several products on the market that provide better (but more costly) solutions to this problem. Search for others and compare, but there's one option to take a look at here.

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