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Extend status timeout default maximum

How can I set the status timeout to exceed the default maximum of 120 minutes? Also, is there a way to add more than the default status messages into the pull-down window (after about five they scroll off as new ones are added)? Thanks.
Status timeout -- I'm not sure exactly what status timeout is being referred to here, if you are referring to your Sametime session timing out, the simple solution is to edit your current Lotus Notes connection document and change the "send keep alive interval" under the "Instant Messaging" tab to a value like 60 (seconds), which is the default. Your Sametime session should then be perpetual. If you are referring to your Sametime online meetings, then you Administrator will need to edit the server's Web configuration documents to extend the session timeout for the logged-on user.

Status messages -- at the time of writing, you can create up to five personalized status messages for each of the "Active," "I am Away" and "Do Not disturb me," totaling fifteen individual personalized messages. I am not aware of any method to extend this past five personal messages for each status.

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