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Extracting data from Domino databases to MS SQL server

Is there a way to extract data from Domino databases to MS SQL Server? On your site I found only information about import of data to Domino from external sources. I need to do a reverse transfer: Domino -> SQL Server.
I was often asked this question when I worked for Lotus EI as a Pre-Sales Engineer. This is actually one of the biggest misconceptions about LEI and the Lotus Connector LSX (LC or LEI LSX). The short answer to your question is "Yes, you can!" Actually, LEI and the LSX do not require a Domino database and can be the source or the destination in a data transfer. An example of this would be using LEI to move data from an ODBC datasource like MS Access to, say, an Oracle datawarehouse. The only Domino databases involved in this scenario would be the LEI Administrator and the LEI Log. Because the C architecture leverages vendor APIs and client software, you can move data between any systems for which Lotus or a third-party vendor provides a connector (like Lawson). In fact, if you use the LSX to create a programmatic solution you could move data between every system for which there is a connector.

However, if the data being moved is mission-critical then you should consider MQSeries to ensure delivery. MQSeries is considerably more involved than LEI. So, it is often left for those operations that absolutely have to succeed with (something like) less than a 1% failure rate.

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