Find out the number of users who have logged onto the server using a Web browser

I have the following query regarding Lotus Domino :- Situation : - Users access a Lotus Domino Server using HTTP ( Browser Based Access) for accessing mails and workflow applications developed in Lotus. Requirement :- To find out the number of users who have logged onto the server using a Web Browser) Note:- The SHOW USER Command Gives only the number of users who are accessing the server using LOTUS CLIENT and does not show the number of users logged in using the WEB BROWSER.
You must have session authentication (single or multi-server) enabled on the server. Then issue the command ?tell http show users? with a live console running. I would also turn on logging for HTTP. I prefer the text log files as opposed to domlog.nsf. You can use any free/shareware log analyzer to break down the numbers with the text logs.

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