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Formatting of e-mail gets garbled between Notes and Outlook

I have created a document using MS Word. The document contains JPG images and some Rich Text (I put in a couple of Word tables). I then cut and paste from the Word document to an Outlook e-mail and send the e-mail to work (we have Lotus Notes at work).

When I open the e-mail at work in Lotus Notes it looks exactly like it should.

I then forwarded the message to myself at work (just to see if it would retain the formatting). It looked fine.

I then forwarded the message back to my home e-mail address. When I get it back home, two things have happened.

  1. The word tables have been converted from a Rich Text format into characters (+------+). This spaces it all over the place.

  2. The JPG images have been removed from the e-mail and added as attachments. Where the JPGs should be, I see the message "Embedded image moved to file: pic16512.jpg." All the JPGs also appear at the end of the e-mail. Of course, not in the right places or format.
Do I need to set some options in Lotus Notes to keep the Rich Text format when sent out of the company? How do I get Lotus Notes to stop stripping out the JPGs and adding them as attachments to the e-mail?
My guess is this problem is related to your client. Make sure that in your location document, you are sending messages to Internet addresses in MIME format, not Notes Rich Text.

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