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Formulas in LEI on an activity document?

Is it possible to use formulas or code in LEI on an activity document as part of the field mapping? I'm writing Notes data into an Oracle table, and I'd like to be able to write the date that the data was loaded into a column in the Oracle table. So, I'd like to be able to set that column in Oracle equal to the equivalent of @now.
I'm sorry to say that the answer is "No", you cannot use a formula in LEI field mapping. However, you might try this technique as a work-around: add a [hidden & editable] date field to your Notes form, e.g. "InsertedDate"; on the LEI Notes Connection document add to the Data Transformation - Formula to Execute During Select something like "select @all; FIELD InsertedDate := @Now;" (note: the trailing semi-colon is mandatory); add InsertedDate to your Activity field mapping. Run the job and see what you get. The result should be Now's date stamped into the appropriate Oracle field. (Warning: don't try this against your production system without first trying on a test database!!!) FYI: Casahl's ReplicAction does allow a type of alias that uses many or all of the Formula Language functions that can be used during field mapping.

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