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Get LEI to work in evaluation mode

I'm trying to get LEI to work in evaluation mode. Specifically, I want Domino (via LEI) to talk to a Paradox Version 7 backend parts system. I'm using a downloaded DataDirect 4.2 driver for ODBC. We're currently evaluating Lotus products.

The direct transfer activity works for all field types except numeric. So, text transfers fine. But when I try to reference a field mapping to a numeric or currency field, it errors out with:

04/19/2004 05:01:43 PM Error: 
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Invalid argument value, 
Connector 'PartsTransfer', Method -Fetch- (55)
04/19/2004 05:01:43 PM Activity Ended With An Error
You're in luck, because I previously worked for Lotus as a pre-sales tech specialist working with prospective LEI customers like you!

Working with ODBC drivers is not always easy to diagnose and, as you can see, the error message leaves you with little detail about what an "invalid argument" might be. I notice that the error message says "Microsoft ODBC Driver Manager," which contradicts what you wrote about using the DataDirect Driver. It's been shown that Microsoft ODBC Drivers and LEI do not work well together.

To troubleshoot this problem, the first thing to do is edit the ODBC connection, switch to the Logging Options tab and select the "Output SQL Statements to Log" option. This will write the LEI-generated SQL statement into the LEI Log record for the activity.

Next, modify the Direct Transfer Activity to include as few fields as possible. Be sure it includes a numeric field so the error is generated. (There is often an art to deciphering these SQL statements, as LEI uses what looks like command line parameters in place of your column/field names.)

Now, review the SQL statement and see if you can translate it into a query to run in Paradox.

Let me know if this solves your problem.

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