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Getting 'B-structure is invalid' error message in Notes archive

I have problem with my Lotus Notes mail archive. When I tried to open it I got error message "B-structure is invalid." How do I fix it ? FYI, my archive database size 900 MB.

The B-Tree structure "error" is normally associated with view errors, where a view has been rebuilt on a Domino server using a client with an incrementally larger client version. This has been reported on a number of occasions where an ND6 client has accessed a DB on an R5 server without enough ACL access -- i.e., lower than designer -- to force the view collection to be rebuilt.

I have come across this myself on a number of occasions during testing. It is pretty hard to reproduce, but it can be done.

How to repair it?

  • Put the database on a server 6.0.1 CF1+.
  • Make sure the sever has designer or manager access to the database.
  • Run the Updall Task with the -R and -C options, for example:
    load Updall yourdb.nsf -R -C

This will rebuild all of the views in the database and repair the B-Tree error.

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