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Getting WebQuerySave agent to run

I am having problems getting a WebQuerySave agent to run. The application was developed using R5 and the agent and form ran as they should. I made some minor modifications to a completely unrelated form and saved it using Designer 6.5. After doing this, whenever I tried to save a document, I received a "page not found" error (it did not go to where the $$Return specified) and the document was not saved (no matter whether I tried to save, exit or go to another form).

After spending hours trying to find a solution, I eventually changed "ToolsRunMacro" in the WebQuerySave to "RunAgent." This allowed me to save the document and be redirected appropriately, but the agent still does not run. I eventually did a workaround and reverted the application back to R5 to fix this issue.

How can I continue to develop applications in 6.5 and use WebQuerySaves at the same time?

You can certainly still use the WebQuerySave agents feature in R6.5. If saving one form makes another form unusable, it sounds like you have some sort of corruption in your database. I suggest that you try doing a file->Database->New copy of your original database and then make changes in the copy, and then see if the copy has the same problem.

You might also want to try Fixup and Compact (to make the On Disk Structure change to the R6 format)

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