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Getting a timeout error when I run an agent on the database

I'm doing a redesign. The current database is nearly 9 GB. I have some new fields to be populated to all the documents in the database. When I run an agent on this database, I always get stuck by the error: "Network operation did not complete in reasonable amount of time." Is there any way I can run the agent successfully in all the documents, getting the documents in batches and make sure that I am not missing any documents in the database? Thanks.
First, I would schedule the agent to run on the server after the busy hours of the day are past. Running on the server could eliminate your network timeout issue.

The other thing to do is to use a flag field and view. Create a view that selects all documents where SpecialUpdateFlag="". Have the view set to refresh the index manually. Then as part of your processing agent do the following:

  1. Get handle to the new view and refresh the index.
  2. Set autorefresh = false.
  3. Get the first document in the view.
  4. Create a counter in the script and increment it for each document you process.
  5. If your document count is less than 2,000 or your document is not nothing, process the document and add the field SpecialUpdateFlag with the current date as a value.
  6. Make the next document your current document.

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