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Getting 'error loading USE or USELSX module' when trying to open an NSF file

I downloaded the NSF files for a Lotus Notes database onto my computer from a company that went under. When I try to get into any document in the database I get "Error Loading USE or USELSX module: *lsxrtc" I can click through it but it will pop up about 10 times. Then I can do what I want. Is there something I should be checking to correct this?
Parts of this application are stored outside of the NSF file. There's LotusScript code in this database that tries to load an external "LSX" (LotusScript extension) library. The code contains the following statement in an "Options" section: Uselsx "*lsxrtc"

This is almost certainly the "Midas" Rich Text library that the company purchased from GeniiSoft. To use the application without changes, you will need a copy of this LSX (or at least of one with the same name :-} ).

You can get rid of the error message you're getting now by deleting the Uselsx statement. I expect you'll get compiler errors when you try to save, because there's probably code that calls functions or creates objects that are defined in the missing LSX. You will also have to delete that code. Hope it wasn't doing anything important!

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