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Getting 'fatal error signal,' or how can I get a state-of-the-server view when it crashes?

I have a Domino 5.0.10 with AIX and my problem is that suddenly my server crashes with this message:

Fatal Error signal = 0x0000000B PID/TID/K-TID = 14454/1029/82803
Freezing all server threads ...
/dominobin/lotus/bin/server[289]: 19854 Killed
where the PID process is the POP3 task.

Also, how can I get a view of the state of my server when it crashes? In NT I have a notes.rip file, but what about AIX?

Do you have any idea about this? Thanks for your help.
You need to run NSD when this happens. This will generate a report that can be sent to IBM for review. It is similar to a notes.rip. After the NSD runs, you have to issue an nsd-kill to end the process. Read up on NSD in the Knowledge Base to learn how to properly run it and use it.

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