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Getting 'illegal parenthesized reference DWFUpdateJobProperty' error

I am developing a Workflow application using the Workflow APIs. Some of these APIs work correctly and some don't. For example, the DWFUpdateJobProperty displays this error when I use it in my code and try to save the code: "Illegal parenthesized reference DWFUpdateJobProperty."
This message indicates that LotusScript doesn't recognize the name DWFUpdateJobProperty as the name of a function. I believe that you are missing the Use statement for the script library containing the DWF functions. The Options section of your LotusScript code should contain the following statement:

Use "OS Domino Workflow API"
Please pay attention to scope issues when choosing which Options section to put this into. In particular, on a form or subform, to call DWF functions from an field event, action button or other control, put the Use statement in the Global Options, not the Form or Subform Options.
In addition, of course, make sure your application contains a copy of this script library!

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