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Getting 'index corrupted' error

Hi, Michael. I have a problem with one of the databases on one of our servers. I always get the following error on our server console:

NIF: DETECTED STORAGE CORRUPTION ERROR ' Index corrupted -- will be rebuilt automatically when database is closed or server restarted.

NIF: my database location database.nsf AgentName Index Corrupted -- will be rebuilt automatically when database is closed or server restarted.

I tried restarting the server and then compacting it, and even ran Updall and Fixup, but nothing worked out for me. Then I searched in Lotus Developer Domain, and based on some discussions, I tried to make a new replica on a different server and placing the new replica back onto my server. That also did not work for me.

After that, I tried to make a new copy on a different server and put the existing copy on my server. Then I placed a new copy on the database. Even that didn't work out.

Any help on this regard will be greatly appreciated.
It sounds as if it is truly corrupted beyond repair. Your only option may be going to a backup copy of it and trying to restore that.

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