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Getting predictable Domino server crash when using LEI Direct Transfer

We are using an LEI Direct Transfer activity to transfer data from Notes to Oracle 9i (on HP-UX) with LEI 6 (on Windows 2000). We are getting a reproducible Domino server crash that seems to be associated to one particular field on the document.
  • If the field (Notes field is text, Oracle field is varchar2 [4000], there is usually just a paragraph or two of text, but occasionally can be a lot more) is in the field mappings of the activity, that activity, when run on all documents in the database, will crash the Domino server.

  • If this field is removed from the field mappings for the activity, the activity runs fine.

  • If the field is left in the activity and we set the Oracle connection document to commit after every transaction rather than at disconnect, the activity runs fine. However, this is not the preferred setting, as it makes recovery from activity failure more complicated.

  • If the field is left in the activity and we run it on 100 documents at a time the activity will run fine. We can run it over all the documents in the database (859), which suggests the problem is not due to a corrupt document. However, if we try it on 500 documents, Domino crashes.
Let me know if you need any further info.
Sounds like a memory problem with LEI to me. Interestingly enough, I'm running into a similar problem with LEI 6, but in this case I'm dealing with Sybase on Solaris. However, the problems started happening after we installed the Oracle client -- because the customer is moving to Oracle by EOY.

Let's keep this Q&A rolling:

  • Was this LEI 6 server upgraded from LEI 3.x?
  • How many rows are in the Oracle table?
  • Do you have a Condition Clause on the Oracle side of the Activity?
Here's something to try: In your Notes connection document, add the following Notes selection statement to the Data Transformation -- Formula to Execute During Select:
select @all; FIELD NotesField := 
@Left(NotesField; 1000);
See if this prevents the Domino server crash. Most importantly, I suggest you open an incident report with IBM Software Support.

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