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HTML page may be bringing Web ordering app to standstill

We have a Web-based ordering system that needs to print out orders and receipt details. We are running Domino 6.0.2CF1 on Windows 2003. When a user asks to print an order or a range of orders, the information is gathered using a LotusScript agent which creates a word document using OLE to enable it to be formatted correctly. To print the receipt details, we create an HTML page that gets sent back to browser and utilizes printWindow().

With low usage, both tasks work well but as soon as we increase usage, one of them brings the app to a standstill. I think it's the HTML print, but it's hard to say, as they are both being called frequently. Is there a better way of printing? Or does a solution to the problem leap out at you?

OLE is slow; printing an HTML page via an agent is also slow. Without more information I wouldn't venture a guess as to which is slower.

What you're using seems to me a roundabout process. If you ultimately need an HTML page that contains all the information, why use MS Word as an intermediate step? Besides the fact that the bloated HTML it produces contains the most uncouth garbage tags that you're wasting your second agent's time processing, it's an extra step which it sounds like you can't afford.

Instead, create a style sheet and just bite the bullet and generate the HTML in your own agent, referring to the style sheet's URL in the header of the output. If you use an HTML editor (Dreamweaver MX is a personal preference but even Frontpage would probably do), you can design the look of your output exactly the way you want it, then plug the field values from your documents into that HTML (the rest of which you hardcode into your agent).

Another technique that might provide even better performance still is NotesDXLExporter and XSLT, but I haven't played with it enough to give explicit instructions. But there was a nice demonstration of it at last year's LotusSphere.

Ifyou have the time, another thing you might do is investigate why these documents are being printed, and see whether there's a way to save your company money by automating whatever part of the process now requires paper.

Just say no to printing.

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