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Handling "one-to-many" relationships ith DECS

I have tables that have "one-to-many" relationships. Using Notes, how can I view the data in the Header-Detail manner using DECS capabilities? Included in this would be update, delete, create new record or even new detail. Can you give me a sample of a Notes program that exemplifies the above problem and solution?
DECS can handle "one-to-many" relationships quite well and the keys to doing this are the "Monitor Order" and "Multi-value data" settings. On the DECS Activity form see Events-Optinos-General for these fields. To get data from multiple tables to appear on a single Notes document you would create one Activity for each table. The Activity that pulls in the "one" data must have a monitoring order of 1*. Your "many" data would be a subsequent job with a monitoring order of 2 (or 3 or 4... hopefully you get the point). For the "many" data you also need to select the "Multi-value data" option (in the same section of the DECS activity doc). When you select the Multi-value option you will see additional fields that let you specify the "many" key field(s) and how you would like to handle sorting the incoming data. I typically use a table with multi-value fields to display the data. *If there is other data that must be pulled in first to get the "one" data key then the monitoring order might be higher than 1.

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