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Help Desk agents

I am creating an in-house Help Desk system for my organization. I want to implement "Agents" in my application. I have created a setup screen, where I can assign the time period for the severity level of the support request. For example, critical is five minutes, high is ten minutes and normal is fifteen minutes.

The task of the agent is to check if the assigned IT personnel acknowledges the request within the specified time period. If the IT personnel does not respond, then the agent should send an e-mail to the team leader (a better solution could be to send an SMS). The agent must run until the support is acknowledged by IT Personnel.

Can this scenario be implement using agent? If yes, how? If no, what are the other options available?

A scheduled server agent is not a bad choice to implement this -- it would need to run fairly often, of course, but you can schedule an agent to run as often as once per minute, and it should be fairly quick; you can have it read documents from a view that contains new issues.

Getting in touch with the boss quickly is a harder proposition. You can send an e-mail of course, but nobody with effective time management skills looks at every piece of e-mail the instant it comes in. As you mention, a Sametime message would be a better fit given your needs for timeliness. If you write your agent in Java, there's a Sametime Java API that you could use to login to a Sametime server, find a person and tell whether they're online, and pop off a message to them. You can download the various Sametime APIs here.

However, I'm not sure how much logging into Sametime -- and then logging out again when you're done -- will affect the performance of an agent that runs so frequently. It might be better to use a Java servlet, calling both the Sametime Java API and the Notes Java API, so that you can login to Sametime just once and keep the process active, periodically polling for new Notes information.

That would probably be a best-choice solution if you are serving a large organization and can afford the work to implement it and get it approved to run on the server. If this is more of a one-off deal, you could consider doing it as described here.

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