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Help displaying two or three particular signatories

I want to display two or three particular signatories into the signatories field based on the UserDept and UserAmount fields, after the amount is entered it has to be validated with concerned dept and retrieve particular signatories from a view.
Please help me out, thanks in advance.

It seems that you are trying to apply SIGNATURES to a document to show validation of data. I am not sure if this is what you are doing, but if you are, these should not be applied from a lookup to a view, but by a user logged into a Notes ID Signing the document. You can lookup the signature REQUIRED from a view if you have that data. I have included an excerpt from the help database that much better defines what you are trying to do than I can. Hope it helps. The title of the help document (to search the view index with) is... "Restricting who can edit a section"

Using a computed field to define section editors
To define a list of section editors, write a formula that populates the list of allowed editors, either by including the current users name, by using @DbColumn to retrieve a list of names, using the value of an approver field, or using a group name or role from the access control list. Use a computed-when-composed section to create a permanent list of editors when a document is created.

You can use only formulas that result in a text list containing one or more names; these names are added to the section's edit access list. Enclose the names in quotation marks and concatenate them with a colon ( : ).
"Mary Sen":"Marketing Group"
Access role names must include their square brackets and be enclosed in quotation marks:
"[Scheduling Committee]"

For information on using @DbColumn, see the Programming Guide. Allowing the author to name section editors
To let authors decide who can edit fields in a section, make the section editable.

As a convenience to authors, write a default value formula to create an initial list of editors for the section; anyone editing the section can then update that list. If there are multiple authors, be sure to select "Allow multi-values" for the field.

An editable section allows each document's author to create a customized list of editors by double-clicking the section title when the document is in Edit mode or choosing Section - Define Editors. Any users already authorized to edit the fields within the section are displayed, and the author can add other editors to the list.

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