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How can 6.5 run on every desktop without being set up under each user's profile?

How can we get 6.5 to work without setting it up under each individual's profile on each piece of equipment? We have a demo/training account that several different users potentially use with one or more loaner laptops. We are using Windows 2000 or XP Pro on the laptops, in a Windows 2000 network/ AD environment.
I am not sure I entirely understand your question regarding "piece of equipment," but I will assume that you mean profiles on the operating system and going through the workstation setup for each logon ID. This doesn't even work as you would hope because the notes.ini would be shared by all people on the machine.

The only way I could see this working for you would be with roaming users. However, as of the last time I tried it, the user had to be set up initially on a machine to have his roaming profile put into the proper directories. This was scheduled to be addressed by a future version, but I am unable to verify if it was fixed in 6.5.2. If it was fixed, you should be able to use roaming users to assist in your workstation setup issues. Each roaming user's personal information is kept on a Domino server and then copied to the workstation when Notes is started. After the session is terminated, the personal information (and any changes made during the session) is copied back to the Domino server and removed from the workstation.

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