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How can @DbLookup looking at a view and the view itself have different values?

I have a view called "Sort Bin." How can it be that @DbLookup (looking at "Sort Bin") and the embedded view ("Sort Bin") in the same form have different values? If I update a doc in the view for about 10 minutes, the @DbLookup still shows the old value but the view actually shows the new value. I have tried LS notesview.refresh, and it doesn't work. I have updated the FT index, run Updall, F9 or CTRL+SHIFT F9. Exiting the database and going back in works fine.
Sounds like a caching issue. @DbLookup has a "NoCache" option that you can use to tell it to check the view and make sure it has the latest information. Otherwise, it remembers the value it found for each lookup, and if you do the identical lookup later, it'll return the value it looked up before. Refreshing the view index does no good because @DbLookup isn't even looking at the view. Exiting the database frees the @DbLookup cache, which is why it works after you exit and return.

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