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How can I adjust the size of images after they are uploaded?

I have a database with a form and this form has the basic Notes upload control for images. I need to be able to control the size of the images users upload AFTER they're uploaded so that they all fit nicely within the form from their Notes client and don't push all the other fields to the right. We run our intranet from Notes clients, not the Web -- at least not yet. So how can I add this functionality? Does SearchDomino.com have this answer?
It is very difficult to answer this question, as I do not know what you are doing with the images after they are uploaded. Are they stored in the document? Are they stored in an image repository in your database, etc.?

My best guess for you is to not directly refer to an image when displaying it on your page, as then indeed you will display the image in its original state. Instead, use pass-thru HTML, like the following:

<img src="/mydb.nsf/viewname/docid/$file/imgname.gif?openElement" border="0" width="10" height="10">

By hiding the attached images, you can refer in your document to the image in this way and control the size to your needs. Each part of the URL can be dynamically created based on the document you opened, making it a formula that will work in any document. Hope this helps.

Feedback from questioner:

The images are stored in the document and I am not doing Web development. I'm doing Notes development so passthru will not solve the problem. Do you know how to do this in Notes using LotusScript or some other method?

Hans' answer:

Unfortunately this not possible using LotusScript or any other front language. It can be done using API Calls; however, the method would take too long to explain here.

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