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How can I create a new admin ID file?

I have recently been handed control of a student association Web site running on Domino Server R5. Unfortunately I was handed no IDs at the time and the previous admin has since deleted them. I have managed to obtain the server.id and cert.id files. As I am a complete Notes/Domino newbie, can you please guide me through the process of creating a new user ID file that I can then use in Domino Admin and Designer to create new databases, edit templates, etc.?
Creating IDs is quite simple, and reading the Administration Help database on it will tell you everything you need to know. The first thing you should do is check the administrator's field of the server document to see who/what is an authorized server administrator. If a group is not listed, you need to get one in there. You should then make the ID that you create for yourself as an administrator to that server.

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