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How can I create a rule to delete return receipt e-mails?

Hi, there. My boss would like me to enable a default return receipt on all e-mails. I have done it on the inotes5.ntf template level and it was transmitted to all users. Actually, I agree that it is a pain to receive too many return receipt e-mails. So I started thinking of a way, or in other words a rule, to delete those mails with a subject "RECEIVED" or with body "Return Receipt," but it did not work. What did I do wrong?

We have Domino Enterprise Server 5.0.10 and the clients have flavors of 5.0.10 and 5.0.11. I have read an article on the topic of mail rules stating that the field "allowed to use monitors should have a *." It is there in my server configuration, as well as other rules that work fine.

I do understand that the type of return receipt e-mail is somewhat different from an ordinary external or internal e-mail, but I am stuck.

Looking forward to you help, and thank you in advance.
The code below is from the subject column of the inbox folder. Note that the "return receipt" value is added to the subject for display only; it is not stored in the subject field at all, but is actually the form name. As the form name is not available for rule selection, I don't see any way of deleting them with a rule.

However, you should point out to your boss that enabling return receipt on all e-mail will generate a lot more mail and SMTP traffic. At the same time, users will not always receive a return receipt, as it is the responsibility of the receiving mail server to send it, and not all mail administrators turn on this option.

Here is the code I mentioned above:

@If( form = "NonDelivery Report" & (!@IsAvailable(SMTPDSNType) | SMTPDSNType = "0"); "DELIVERY FAILURE: " + FailureReason; form = "NonDelivery Report" & @IsAvailable(SMTPDSNType) & SMPTDSNType != "0"; "DELIVERY NOTIFICATION: " + FailureReason; Form = "Delivery Report"; "DELIVERED: " + Subject; Form = "Return Receipt"; "RECEIVED: " + Subject; Form = "ReturnNonReceipt"; "NOT RECEIVED: " + Subject; Subject)

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