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How can I delete all rows in a table except the first one in a document copy process?

I have a computed table on a form. As part of a process that copies the documents, with the exception of particular fields, I need to delete whatever rows are in the table, with the exception of the first one. I can't use a formula as the whole thing is based on too many variables, so I've done all of the code in LotusScript. This is the last stumbling block to an application going live.
Not sure what you mean by a "computed table;" I don't know of any form element by that name. If it's a Rich Text field that you've created a value for, then in Notes 6 you can use NotesRichTextTable.RemoveRow. If it's HTML pass-thru that you've calculated, then I'm thinking you could adjust it with a formula like:
FIELD ComputedTable := @Left(ComputedTable; "</TR>") + "</TR></TABLE>";
to remove everything after the first row.

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