How can I display data from two forms in one view?

How can I display values from two different forms in the same DB on the same line of a view? I need to pull dates from one form and show them on the same line or even one under the other line. The forms are tied together by an ID number. Currently I have two hidden fields on the form for the view and run an agent to get the latest data, however this doesn't work all that great because it's manual. I can put it into a postopen event, but I was hoping there was a better solution than this.
A view row can contain information from only a single document.

With version 7 of Domino, you can do better -- you set up the database to immediately export all changes to DB2, then use a Data Access View to pull in information from multiple tables as a join.

Overall, keeping data matched up between different documents is a pain. If it's an option to display both documents together in the view, one right after the other, that might be a better choice. The view would have to be sorted by the key value that relates the documents or they have to have a main document/response relationship. Of course, if multiple documents of the same form contain the same key, then the "looked-up" value will not necessarily appear near the row that refers to it.

If you keep your agent; probably it would be best to make it run when documents are created or modified. You could use a Postsave event instead -- not Postopen! -- but only if you can be sure the user who modifies one document also has access to modify the other. There are also complications if there are multiple replicas of the application; if a document is created in another replica and a related document is modified in a different replica before they have replicated with each other, the related document is not updated because it doesn't yet exist in the replica where the agent runs. You might need a second agent to run nightly to ensure that all the documents still have correct data.

Also, even if there's only one replica, you need to worry more about save conflicts, since one save can modify multiple documents.

Another option, which works if the form you don't want to display in the view has only a few documents (say, less than 100), is to automatically update the view column formula using a server agent. The column formula would use @Replace(keyfield; "value1":"value2":"value3":...; "lookup value 1":"lookup value 2"...).

Other choices:

  • Create a report with doclinks and display it in a Rich Text field.
  • Leave the information out of the view and just use @DbLookup to pull the value into a Computed for Display field when the document is opened.
  • Combine the two forms so that all the information is on one document.

Member feedback:
Hi, Mr. Guirard. Here is the script for the modification of the replication formula:

Sub Click(Pulsante As Button)

     Dim session As New NotesSession
     Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace
     Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument
     Set uidoc = workspace.CurrentDocument
     Dim db As NotesDatabase
     Dim rep As NotesReplication
     Dim re As NotesReplicationEntry
     Dim doc As NotesDocument
     Dim source As String
     Dim formula As String
     Dim array As Variant
     Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
     If  Not (db.Server = "")  Then
           Messagebox "No local database",, db.Title
           Exit Sub
     End If
     Set doc = uidoc.Document
 REM Get source and destination computers
     source = Cstr(doc.NomeServer(0))
     destination$ ="Local"

 REM Get replication entry
     Set rep = db.ReplicationInfo
     Set re = rep.GetEntry( source , destination$  , False )
     If re Is Nothing Then
           Messagebox _
           "No replication entry for " & source$ & _
           " and " & destination$,, _
           "No such replication entry"
           Exit Sub
     End If
     formula = "SELECT Form=""ClienteStatis"" & ("
     array= doc.Scelta
     If Isarray(array) Then
           Dim y As Integer
           y = 0
           Forall x In array
                 If y > 0 Then
                       formula = formula + " | "
                 End If
                 formula = formula + "Cltiponote = """ + x +""""
                 y = y+1
           End Forall
           formula = formula + " ) "
           formula = formula + "Cltiponote = """ + array +""")"
     End If
     re.Formula = formula
     re.IsIncludeFormulas = True
     re.IsIncludeForms = False
     Call re.Save()

     Call db.Replicate( source )
 REM Display properties
     msg$ = "Source: " & re.Source & Chr(13) & _
     "Destination: " & re.Destination & Chr(13) & _
     "Formula: " & re.Formula & Chr(13) & _
     "Views: " & re.Views & Chr(13) & _
     "IsIncludeACL: " & re.IsIncludeACL & Chr(13) & _
     "IsIncludeAgents: " & re.IsIncludeAgents & Chr(13) & _
     "IsIncludeDocuments: " & _
     re.IsIncludeDocuments & Chr(13) & _
     "IsIncludeForms: " & re.IsIncludeForms & Chr(13) & _
     "IsIncludeFormulas: " & re.IsIncludeFormulas
     Messagebox msg$,, "Replication entry"

End Sub

Andre's response:
Rather than "Local," use session.UserName. "Local" is never used in LotusScript to refer to the local system -- that's only done in the user interface to make it easier for Notes client users.

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