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How can I distribute a form to addresses chosen from the address book?

I'm a student trying to create a database as my final thesis with Domino Designer. Designing and creating a Lotus database is fairly new to me.

I'm using a Names field in a form that should use Address Dialog for Choices. How do I make it work so that the memo/form would not only be saved into the database but also distributed to the addresses chosen from the Address book?

Obviously, I should use some kind of a button to send the memo (at the moment, I can only save it to the database), but I don't know what kind of a code I should use for it to work.

I hope my question is understandable. Also, my native language is Finnish, so I would really appreciate if your answer would be as simply put as possible. Thank you in advance!

There are several special field names: SendTo, CopyTo, BlindCopyTo, MailOptions, Encrypt and so on. Include these on your form to control when, how and to whom the mail is sent. Read about them in the Domino Designer help -- look for these three document titles: Be careful, though. When Notes mails a custom form, it doesn't send a copy of the form unless you tell it to do so. All it sends is the data you have entered in the fields. If there is no form with the same name in the recipient's mail file, it will display the message using the Memo form that is in their mail file. If the field names you send don't match the field names in the mail form, your fields will not be displayed.

However, I do not encourage you to send a copy of the form. This makes your e-mail large and clutters up mail files. If you need the person who receives it to edit the document, instead send them a doclink to a document they can edit. If you just want to send them information to read, not a form to fill in, use the RenderToRTItem method in LotusScript to "forward" an image of the document as part of the "Body" field of a memo. There are many examples of this in the LDD forums; just search for RenderToRTItem.

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