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How can I have an automatic redundant connection for Domino?

Hello, Mike. My question is: How can I have an automatic redundant connection for Domino?

We have a Domino server with a lease line. If the line fails, I was wondering if a dial-up 56k modem can reconnect our link to the other servers.

Also, before we had a lease line we used to connect by TCO using a 56k modem in schedule replication every, say, four hours.

The phone line shuts down somehow over the weekend, so I want to have an automatic connection, if possible, dialing an ISP account using 56k modem.
You can have that redundant link by using the cost routing of connection documents. If you have a connection document from ServerA to ServerB via TCP/IP at a cost of 1, set up another connection document for the same path via dial-up with a higher cost (2, for example). That way, it will use the dial-up line if the leased line fails. As for your ISP, you can set up the second connection as a network dial-up connection. You can input ID, password, etc. into that.

However, if the phone line is down, how are you going to dial out to an ISP? Not to mention that you then will have to have a route to the other server via the Internet, either through passthru or via multiple IPs on that server. I think that you really need to work with your network providers on some SLAs for the leased line and find out what is happening to the phone line on the weekends.

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