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How can I make the Notes client run Java agents?

Other than the "plain vanilla" install, is there any tweaking or tuning that needs to be done on the Notes client (6.5.x) to be able to run Java agents reliably? I have an agent that has no problem running again and again on the server (6.5.2 iSeries), but gives an OutofMemory error on the fourth or fifth run on the client. I'm puzzled since the agent runs to completion several times, and my understanding is that the housekeeping and garbage collection takes place each time the agent completes, so there should be no carryover from a prior run. Is that a wrong assumption?
I don't know of any necessary client tuning, and I know that Java agents, in general, can run many, many times on a client without a problem.

Does this agent process large numbers of documents or other Notes objects? If so, you need to explicitly uncache them with the Recycle method. The Notes C API, which Java is calling behind the scenes, caches documents and other objects in case they are needed again. This cache is not affected by Java garbage collection, so you have to clear each element out of it explicitly when you know you are done with it. To simplify this, you might want to create wrapper classes that call Recycle in their destructor method.

If that's not the problem, then you need to do some explorations to figure out what's special about your agent that might be causing the problem.

  • Use Windows tools, such as the Performance Monitor (under Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Performance) to track how much memory the application is using. This will let you see whether there's a big chunk of memory going missing after each iteration.
  • Review the agent's design. Take parts out until you find the minimum code you need to reproduce the problem.
  • Once you find the problem code, if the solution is not obvious, contact Lotus Support.

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