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How can I post attachments from Notes to Oracle?

I've written a script that will extract the attachments to my local drive. I'm trying to post the attachments from Notes to Oracle. How do I go about doing this? Thanks.
It is possible to store Rich Text (including attachments) from Notes into an Oracle column. The column type you will need to use is of the BLOB-type in Oracle. This column is a binary column, while the data in a Notes RTF field is composite. Yet, it will still work. Bear in mind, though, that attachments once stored in an Oracle BLOB field cannot be recovered into a Notes RTF field, as the $File field will not be filled. This field is used by Notes to identify the attachment. You will still see an attachment icon in your RTF field, but activating it will create an error.

The best method to do this transfer is using the LotusLSX extensions for LEI and or DECS. These contain the proper ready-made methods to connect to Oracle to perform the transfer. I do not think it is possible to use an ODBC driver to do so -- you will need to use the LSX that comes with LEI or DECS to speak the native Oracle language by using the Oracle connector.

As you said, you want to extract the attachments first to your local drive and then store them in Oracle. I am a bit puzzled by this approach. Isn't it more controllable and less network-intensive to do this on the server? Using LEI you could then (for instance, on a scheduled basis) extract the same attachments from the originating Notes document and send them directly to Oracle. This relieves you from setting requirements on one's local setup as well. I hope I have helped you a bit on the way with this.

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