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How can I receive mail from my PAB e-mail address instead of with my Lotus server?

I made an agent in Lotus 5.0.8 and it's working.

Name: Send Mail to External Account
Shared: Yes
Agent: Before New Mail Arrives
Simple Action-> Send Mail Message
(Filled with required information)
I am receiving mail with a recipient of Lotus_ldh (my Lotus server name). I want to receive mail from my e-mail address, which is in PAB. Can you help me to solve this problem or provide me an alternate solution?
Per default when sending e-mail using a Notes Agent, the e-mail is sent on behalf of the user ID with which the agent is signed. It looks like this agent is signed with the server ID. I assume we are talking here about a scheduled agent running on the server. There are two options to solve your problem:
  1. Sign the agent with your ID. When mail is sent, it is sent on behalf of your name and thus replies will be sent back to you. This is the easiest method. However, it does require that your ID has the appropriate access and execution right on the server where the agent is executed to run agents.
  2. Use a field called "principal." This field contains the name of the person on who's behalf the mail is sent, but does not necessarily needs to be the actual person sending the mail. To the receiving party, the e-mail will look like it has been sent by the principal person, and when they reply to it, replies will be send to that e-mail address. Here is how to use this field:

    When the agent is writing with LotusScript, add the following code before sending the e-mail, to properly format the message:

    maildoc.Form = "Memo"
    maildoc.SendTo = emailString
    maildoc.Subject = MAILS
    maildoc.principal = MAILP
    Where MAILP is a constant containing the e-mail address, for instance editor@searchdomino.com. Regardless of with which ID the agent is signed, this e-mail address will appear in the To field of the e-mail message.

    If you are not using LotusScript, simply add the field Principal to the form and make sure that when the form/document is sent, it is filled in with the proper e-mail address.

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