How can I remove the $UpdatedBy field in documents?

I'd like to remove the summary flag from the system-generated field "$UpdatedBy" in documents. I have set the form to Anonymous, which is fine for new docs, where the $UpdatedBy is replaced by Anonymous; however, existing documents still have both the $UpdatedBy field and the flag summary within those documents that contain this field.

How can I either remove the $UpdatedBy field from existing records or the summary flag within those that have this field?

I have tried

.issummary = False - through script
Field $UpdatedBy := @IsUnavailable 
- through formula language

Fields that are prefixed with a $ are sometimes called internal fields. These are fields automatically generated by Notes/Domino. Changing these may impact how Notes/Domino functions. What is probably happening is that after you change the value, the value is then updated by the internal processes and the summary flag is set again. The $UpdatedBy field appears wherever an authors field exists. Removing the authors field from the existing document and then removing the $UpdatedBy field may resolve your issue. You may need to save and reload the document between deletions.

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