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How can I retrieve the values from a view column and use the result as the list of choices in a list

I need to retrieve the values from a view column and use the result as the list of choices in a list field. I often meet the 64 KB limit of @DbColumn or because of the list field (if I use another way, script or DLL, to retrieve all the data). What is the best way to do this?
A few ways to deal with this. If you actually have 64 KB worth of choices, I see a couple of ways to go.

  1. "Use View dialog for choices" -- but then you lose the ability to typeahead in the field.

  2. Split up the field into two fields, set up as category and subcategory. This is complicated to program so that illegal input is impossible, but users may find this more usable than an interface that asks them to choose among over 1,000 choices in a single list. Cognitive scientists tell us that most people can effectively deal with about 7 choices in a list.
If you don't actually have 64 KB worth of choices (e.g., you use @DbColumn to get a column that contains duplicates, then use @Unique to remove the duplicates, then you can get around the 64 KB limit by looking up the values from a categorized view, so that @DbColumn returns values that are already unique. This is actually more efficient, since @Unique is an expensive function, and so is the server sending the client a lot more data than the client actually needs.

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